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Teeny Tiny Tent

Teeny Tiny Tent

Locally made by hand for us, our Teeny Tiny Tents have been one of the most popular items in the store for over 25 years, during which time we shipped them to every continent on earth. It seems every time someone brings one home, the entire neighbourhood has to have one!

Completely powered by a child's imagination, you'll be surprised what goes to sleep in a Teeny Tiny Tent - everything from Barbie Dolls to Beanie Babies, small stuffies, Rainbow Ponies, kittens, and the list goes on. We've had people buy them for their ferrets as actual homes for them.

Fabrics change with each delivery and no two tents are the same - each is it's own little work of art. Two sleeping bags are included, and the front flap is held in place by two velcro patches but can be lowered to cover the entrance, like on a real tent.

Easy set up and collapses flat by removing the center pole, making it an easy take-along-toy to sleep overs, travel, or visiting a friends house.

Dimensions: 28cmx28cmx34cm high



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