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Magna Tiles Clear Colour Set - 32pcs

Magna Tiles Clear Colour Set - 32pcs
Magna Tiles Clear Colour Set - 32pcs
Magna Tiles Clear Colour Set - 32pcs
Magna Tiles Clear Colour Set - 32pcs
Magna Tiles Clear Colour Set - 32pcs
Magna Tiles Clear Colour Set - 32pcs
$74.98 CAD

The original 3D magnetic building set that engages young minds by fusing together math, science, and creativity!

Magna Tiles are the invention of a Japanese math teacher who wanted to give kids better hands-on learning experiences. They arrived in North America in 1997, when we started to carry them, and have been known around the world as the best magnetic tiles ever since. While other magnetic shapes might crack, chip, or shatter, Magna-Tiles® are designed with stainless steel rivets that provide strength and resistance to temperature changes and corrosion, withstanding daily play without damage. Connect two Magna-Tiles and you’ll hear a distinctive “click.” That sound indicates a solid connection that will hold tight to keep anything children build intact – until it’s time for the next project!

Each tile features a unique 'spoke' design at the center to give it super strength – and a cool look. Additionally, Magna Tiles are crafted with bold, vivid colors that capture kids’ attention. These highly translucent, clear, eye-popping hues are not foggy and make them stand out among knock-off's as the best choice for learning colours, sorting activities, and other playful learning activities, as well as plenty of fun. Many products seek to imitate Magna Tiles, but none duplicate the quality and innovation.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colours are translucent and brightly colored, like stained glass!

  • Sparks hours of imaginative free play in children. Want to keep them creatively occupied for entire rainy afternoons? Get them some Magna-Tiles! Anything they can dream, they can create!
  • Develops math, science, spatial and tactile skills. STEM approved!
  • Safe, durable and made to last for years with food-grade ABS plastic (BPA Free) free of phthalates and latex
  • Each tile features stainless steel rivets and is sonic welded to keep magnets inside and out of small hands and mouths.
  • Multiple awards for play value and educational excellence
      32 pcs Set Includes:
      • 14 Small Squares
      • 2 Large Squares
      • 4 Isosceles Triangles
      • 4 Right Triangles
      • 8 Equilateral Triangles
      Recommended age 3 to adult! (Engineers, designers and architects love them and occasionally buy them for their homes and offices!) :)

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