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Hape® Flowerini: a rattle that holds a secret

Hape® Flowerini toys are based on the simple concept of supporting a child in the acquisition of progressive independence.

These fabric flowers contain a little bell. Through a velcro closure on the stem, they can be hung on a baby gym, a stroller, or any tubular structure, offering babies inexhaustible entertainment and happiness.

The little ones are attracted to the bright colours, the soft consistency, and the sound of the rattle. In fact, Flowerini are designed to produce intense sensory stimulation:

   The combination of different fabrics offer many tactile sensations;

   Shaking or rubbing the toy, a child hears a chiming or rustling sound 

   The bright colours and the funny looks appeal to a babies vision

But there’s more: when the flower opens, it magically reveals a doll. What was a simple rattle for babies becomes a reassuring little friend for toddlers to play with. The child can repeat the magic of Flowerini whenever they want, turning the flower into a doll to play with, to keep close and hug during sleep time as they grow up.

The colourful world of the Flowerini is populated with 3 different characters: the funny Kiwi, the sweet Strawberry, and the bold Pineapple, fun by themselves and even more fun together!

Age 0+

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