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Djeco TopaniJungle

Djeco TopaniJungle
Djeco TopaniJungle
Djeco TopaniJungle
$49.98 CAD

Take classic stacking and nesting blocks to another level with this super cute set from Djeco!

You and your toddler will find many ways to play with these adorable "house" blocks and the little animals that come with them. Show them how the animals can fit inside, on top of, or next to the blocks that have a matching image on one side. The six little block homes, each with cut-out doors, nestle neatly inside one another, or can be stacked up into towers, or laid out in a row.

  • Beautifully designed the blocks feature jungle scenes and other animals plus there are shapes on the sides adding extra educational value.
  • The 5 animals included are a giraffe, monkey, elephant, lion cub and an alligator.

Use the boxes and animals to make up stories and adventures for them, you can stack them vertically putting the animals in them or use the monkey and elephant to hold one up.

Ages: 18 months+

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