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Magna Tiles Metropolis back in stock!

Magna Tiles Metropolis back in stock!
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We’ve been waiting for Magna Tiles Metropolis, the newest addition to one of the most creative and educational toys in history, all year and after some delays due to C-19, finally managed to get our hands on some! From a busy high-rise metropolis to a thriving colony on space, there’s no stopping your imagination with this set! 
We’ve had a few people waiting for them to arrive, and with many parents currently working from home and trying to keep the kids creatively occupied, these could go quickly. We’re currently offering free local delivery and free shipping within B.C., and the 2 most requested items so far have been Magna Tiles and Micro Scooters. This makes perfect sense. It’s been mostly sunny, and kids love riding the Swiss designed Micro Scooters, and you can’t beat Magna Tiles for keeping the kids - and adults - creatively occupied for hours at a time indoors. Which goes to prove, once again, that kids will spend time with toys that engage the mind. You can have fun without learning, but there’s no learning without fun!

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