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Magna Tiles availability

Magna Tiles availability
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Magna Tiles, invented by a Japanese mathematician in 1997, are always in high demand, especially at this time of the year when parents are looking for something that can keep the kids creatively occupied for entire rainy afternoons. They also make for a great Christmas gift because of the wide age range, 3 to 99 (yes, they do go to adults as well, architects, designers and engineers buy them for their offices!) and because they are a unisex construction toy equally popular with girls and boys. Magna Tiles Metropolis is the new addition to the line that has proven to be impossible to keep in stock, we had overwhelming demand for it and apparently so did the Magna Tiles people themselves, we are now sold out and on a wait list stretching until March 2020 for our next shipment. We did get a large Magna Tiles shipment last week and everything else arrived as scheduled, going into the end stretch of the holiday season Santa was happy to hear we have good stock on the 32 and 100 pcs clear colour sets, as well as the 48 pcs DLX set and the Polygon, Large Plates and Wheel Base add-on sets. Merry Christmas!

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