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Smartmax My First Animal Train

Smartmax My First Animal Train
$49.98 CAD
Build your own traveling zoo with magnets!

Magnetic rods fit inside the train engine and the three train cars while magnetic spheres connect them in a line and let them all roll together.

Meanwhile, animal pieces and more magnetic rods combine to create two elephants and a lion, plus there's a friendly conductor figurine that fits perfectly in the driver's seat of the train engine.

Everything is made easy for little hands to build. Plus, everything can be mixed, matched, and combined with any other SmartMax set.

It's a brilliantly imaginative, wonderfully inspiring tactile learning experience!

Introduce your little one to the delights of building your own adventure with the SmartMax My First Animal Train set.

SmartMax My First Animal Train
  • Set of large magnets and parts for building a train and zoo animals
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, imaginative play
  • Designed to be easy for little hands to put it all together
  • Build a train with 3 cars - 2 elephant cars, one lion cage
  • Train engine features space for included engineer figurine
  • Features animal pieces for building 2 elephants and a lion
  • Includes 25 SmartMax magnets and accessories
  • Fully compatible with all other SmartMax sets
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
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