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Silikids Silicone Straws

Silikids Silicone Straws
Silikids Silicone Straws
$12.98 CAD

GoSili reusable silicone straws are soft and flexible, but strong enough so they do not collapse when you are drinking. This key design technique is what makes our reusable straws the best reusable straw! A GoSili reusable silicone straw won’t melt in your drink like a paper straw or hurt your pearly whites like a stainless-steel straw.

GoSili straws are designed with maximum durability in mind, while also being easy to clean! Because our reusable straws are translucent, you can easily see when the straws are clean. They are dishwasher safe, can be washed by hand (no brush required!), and can even be boiled to sterilize.

This family pack of reusable straws includes 6 straws in 3 different sizes: (2) 5.5 in, (2) 6.5 in, (2) 8 in with an opening of 0.6 cm. Pick your favorite and sip away! Whether it’s sipping from a kid’s cup or drinking out of a fancy cocktail glass, you’ll be prepared for any hydration occasion!

On behalf of our planet, thank you for making the choice to waste less, and GoSili.

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