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Monster Math Scale

Monster Math Scale
Monster Math Scale
Monster Math Scale
$40.00 CAD

The Hape® Monster Scale is an educational toy, particularly geared toward the coordination of movements and the concept of order. The Monster Math Scale helps children get closer to a basic area of arithmetic, assimilating the essential principles in a practical, intuitive, and above all fun way.

The toy is already irresistible and original starting from the aesthetic impact: the body of the scale corresponds to a funny monster, while the weights are made up of many cheerful mini-monsters of different colors, sizes and weights.

    The medium-sized monster-weights are distinguished by the colour and the number on their belly which indicates their weight;

    The smallest monsters, all red in color, correspond to the weight of a single unit.

Children can have fun putting the mini-monsters in the big paws of the scale, moving them, adding or removing them until they reach balance. Parents or educators do not need to correct the equivalences because the toy gives direct feedback. Through this simple and creative game, the little ones can become familiar with the ideas of weight, equivalence and balance.

  •     In Level 1, children get to know the weights, learn to intuitively associate the colors with the concept of more or less heavy and become familiar with the numbers written on the bellies of the medium monsters;
  •     In Level 2, they playfully discover the idea of equivalence, having fun mixing numbers and single units;
  •     In Level 3, the more experienced ones can try their hand at the first simple additions, guessing the result that corresponds to the sum of the monsters present on one of the 2 paws.

This educational toy, simple but at the same time engaging and exciting, allows children to learn many things. Not only a tool to develop early mathematical skills, but also a safe, creative, and rewarding entertainment for little boys and girls.

Recommended for age 3+

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