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Digging Doggies

Digging Doggies
$28.98 CAD
  • Help the doggie find his bones: Oh no! Your doggie has lost all his bones. Help him find them and bring them back to his dog house. Be the first to help your doggie collect all his bones and you win! Get them nose down to a bone and watch as they magically pick it up with their magnetic noses! 
  • Easy for everyone: Learning to play this game will be way easier than teaching your dog to fetch. Place all the bones color-side face down in each dugout space around the board, place the doggies in their respective kennels, and roll the die. Choose a direction, and hop as many spaces as the die indicates. Use your doggie’s magnetic nose to pick up the bone where your doggie landed.
  • Get back to the dog house: If the color of the bone matches the color of your doggie, put it in his/her kennel, if not, return it to the dugout space, and let the next player test their luck. Once players fetch all three bones, their pup is very close to the victory bark. Just make sure he/she runs back to the doghouse before the others catch up.
  • Diggin’ Doggies is a great indoor game to play with the family or a few friends. It teaches counting, colour recognition, hand-and-eye coordination, following game directions and taking turns, all while your family is having fun!
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