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Magna-Tiles® Dino World XL

Magna-Tiles® Dino World XL
Magna-Tiles® Dino World XL
Magna-Tiles® Dino World XL
Magna-Tiles® Dino World XL
Magna-Tiles® Dino World XL
Magna-Tiles® Dino World XL
$195.00 CAD

Something tropic-cool has arrived! This XL Dino World set is larger than life with oversized tropical-themed tiles — the BIGGEST tiles ever — plus all six of the Magna-Tiles® dinosaurs, and new-to-the-world magnetic trees.

  • All six magnetic dinosaur figurines, including: Pteranodon, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus
  • Figurine sizes vary (3″ to 7.5″)
  • Each dinosaur has movable parts ready for action and imaginary play
  • Includes 16 extra-large tiles — 4x larger than traditional magnetic tiles
  • The first-ever, extendable magnetic trees with lush, magnetic leaves
  • Sparks a curiosity for STEAM topics, including paleontology!

    When imagination takes flight, the storytelling possibilities are endless. As kids grow and their collection of magnetic shapes expands, so does the complexity of their creations. What will your kids come up with next?

    • Designed for little explorers: Crafted for ages 3 and up, these magnetic shapes are easy for little hands to grasp and magnetically link together with a satisfying “click.” They’re durable enough to use in the playroom, classroom, and outside, so kids can go wild just about anywhere.
    • Fun and Educational: Magna-Tiles® Dinosaurs foster open-ended, creative construction, making them a valuable educational resource for parents and teachers. As children dive deep into their imagination, they pick up on valuable STEM concepts and explore new environments along the way.
    • Works with your collection: The magnetic animal toys are compatible with other construction sets from the Magna-Tiles® family, making it easy for kids to expand their world with the shapes already in their collection.
    • For ages 3+

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