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Micro Compact Kickboard

Micro Compact Kickboard
Micro Compact Kickboard
Micro Compact Kickboard
  • Original 3-wheeled sidewalk surfer
  • Cross between scooter, skateboard & snowboard!
  • Maple & fiberglass flex deck
  • Interchangeable T-bar & Pilot Stick
  • Easy to fold

'Surf the sidewalks' on a MICRO Compact Kickboard using the T-bar or included Pilot Stick for one handed scooting. Because of its lean-to-steer mechanism, think of it as a combination between a scooter, skateboard and snowboard in one!

The advantage of the one-handed Pilot Stick is that it allow for a more sideways stance similar to on a skateboard or snowboard making body weight adjustments even easier to carve turns when you want a more playful curvy ride!

With its three wheels, two in the front and one in the back, you can literally surf wherever you go. With a maximum rider weight of 100 kg, the Compact Kickboard is recommended for those 12 and up. 

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