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Lights & Music Fun Ball

Lights & Music Fun Ball
Lights & Music Fun Ball
$32.98 CAD

Roll and Crawl with the most entertaining soft music ball on the market!

The Lights and Music Fun Ball is a motion activated music and lights ball with four light up faces.

Tummy Time Play - Place the ball in front of your baby while they are on their tummy. Activate the ball by tapping it (make sure the button on the battery unit in the ball's pouch is set to 'On'). The lights, music and sound effects will stimulate your baby's senses and encourage them to lift their head and reach out towards the ball. This will strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles. Roll the ball slightly away from your baby and activate it in order to encourage him to crawl towards it.

  • Battery operated motion activated lights and music ball.
  • Friendly faces light up and flash to the music and sounds.
  • Multiple soft textures.
  • Easily connects to stroller or crib.
  • On/off button ? for silent play (no lights).
  • Especially designed for tiny hands.
  • Encourages repeated head lifting and eye tracking skills.
  • Promotes tactile stimulation.
  • Encourages gross motor skills and the understanding of cause and effect.
  • Encourages crawling

Age 3mo+

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